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Small Chips Tray & Salsa for one 1.95
Large Tortilla Chips & Salsa 2.95
Side Nachos – Cheese & Salsa Gringa 4.50
Plain Nachos – Cheese, Beans & Salsa 6.95
Super Nachos – Sour Cream & Guacamole 9.95


Topped with lettuce & cheese
Chicken Soft Taco 5.25
Bean Soft Taco 4.45
Steak Soft Taco 6.25
Vegetarian – grilled zucchini, mushrooms & guacamole (no cheese) 5.25
Flautas (taquitos in L.A.) corn tortillas rolled around chicken & fried, on a bed of lettuce. 2 per order
Topped with Sour Cream 5.95
Topped with Guacamole 6.95


Cheese 4.75
Cheese & Grilled Zucchini & Mushrooms 5.50
Cheese & Guacamole 5.95
Cheese & Chicken 6.25
Cheese & Steak 7.45
Deluxe with guacamole & sour cream add 3.00

Custom Combos

Served with Rice, Beans & Salad
Combo with any ONE of the following: 8.95
Chicken Taco, Cheese Quesadilla or Flautas
Combo with any TWO of the following: 11.95
Chicken Taco, Cheese Quesadilla or Flautas
Quesadilla w/ Guacamole or Chicken add 2.00
Quesadilla with Steak add 2.75
Steak Taco add 2.25


Two Corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, grilled chicken & cheese, or veggies & cheese then smothered in one of our house-made fresh salsas (check for availability)
Served with rice, beans & salad.
Ranchera – medium red sauce 11.50
Verde – green tomatillo sauce (spicy) 11.50
Mole – rich, dark complex sauce (spicy) 11.50

Special Plates

Chicken & Rice Plate 9.95
Grilled Chicken over Rice topped with one of our delicious salsas sprinkled with cheese, served with salad
Choose medium Ranchera, spicy Verde or complex Mole Picante
Tino Plate 9.95
Our delicious L.A.-style Quesadilla with Fresh Spinach and Fresh Mushrooms, served with Rice, Beans & Salad
Vegetarian Platter 9.95
Our Grilled Zucchini & Mushroom Mix, Guacamole, Papas, Rice, Black Beans, Cheese, Salad & 3 Corn Tortillas
Rice, Beans & Salad 7.75

Regular Burritos

All regular Burritos are filled with cheese, mild salsa gringa
(tomato & onions), rice & black beans.
Beans, Rice, Cheese & Salsa 6.95
Grilled Zucchini & Mushrooms 6.95
Grilled Chicken 7.75
Papas – potatoes, peppers, onions & red sauce 7.75
Grilled Steak 8.95
Deluxe Burrito -- bigger w/ sour cream & guacamole add 3.00

Special Burritos

Verano – Chicken, Salsa, Rice & Lettuce 7.95
Yanqui – Chicken, Veggies, Rice & Sour Cream 8.95
Tino – Chicken, Spinach, Mushrooms, Ranchera, Salsa, Cheese & Rice 8.95
Ranchero (Enchilada style) Topped with Red Sauce & Cheese add 2.50
Chimi (Mexican Style) Lightly fried & topped with sour cream add add 2.25


Tostada (Taco Salad):
A tortilla bowl piled with black beans, cheese, salad, sour cream & guacamole and your choice of:
Chicken 8.50
Grilled Zucchini & Mushrooms 8.50
Steak 9.95
Diet Salad Plate
Grilled chicken.
Grilled veggie ( zucchini & mushroom ) & Salad 9.00


Hearty Homestyle Rustic Mexican soups
— Chicken Rice Ranchera
— Chicken Tortilla Verde
— Black Bean




Picante Mexican
617-576-MEXI (6394)
735 Mass Ave
Central Sq, Cambridge

11:00am-10:30pm Monday-Wednesday
11:00am-11:00pm Thursday-Friday
10:00am-11:00pm Saturday-Sunday


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Picante's is Trans Fat Free

Serve your guests healthy, fresh, rustic California-Mexican cuisine.  We cook with your health in mind.  Enjoy our char-grilled trimmed chicken and real flank steak.  Our salsas have no added sugar and are fat-free.  Our black beans are flavored with spices, not oil.  Our rice is vegetarian and nothing at Picante ever contains hidden lard.  We use canola oil.  Try our delicious, authentic vegetarian and vegan combinations.

Salud! To Health!